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Brand Story

Founded in 2020, Collosa Wear is a lifestyle brand dedicated to inspiring our customers through a blend of creativity, premium threading And stylistic consideration. Based in the U.K, founders Christopher and Steven developed the brand to offer experimental apparel with premium, unmatched quality. We are a fashion-forward company that is there for you through your life journey. From a day at the beach, your first weekend party, or an adventure, we make living in the moment easy. You can be yourself and have fun knowing your clothes reflect your strong individual style.

 Everything you need to achieve your perfect look awaits. Our Team is made up of creative & successful designers who aspire to provide the best lifestyle services through our one stop shop. Having great streetwear products is only the beginning. We’re committed to giving you the total package: exceptional customer support, transparency, and confidence.

 Having just started our journey, we challenge the norms and instill confidence in all who wear our threads. We offer a limited collection that is constantly updated. Choosing quality over fast fashion means your style always stands out. Around here, you’re not a customer — you’re a member of a close-knit community. And we seek to embrace what makes each member different by constantly breaking the barrier and being innovative.

Why Us

We represent people, not clothes. We’re bold enough to come out with trendsetting looks that let your personality shine. Each style reflects the voice of inclusiveness, equality, and freedom. We want people to feel empowered to be themselves and to promote self love. We are eager to meet the needs of our employees and to foster a mutually beneficial relationship that allows their own individuality and expression to shine in the clothes we fashion. Our people are encouraged to express themselves and are empowered to bring their best selves to work. At Collosa, every team member  is valued for their contribution to our collective success.

Our Vision

To help your voice be heard. Artistic expression gives people a platform to speak up without fear. To be a part of a much bigger picture while expressing their own individuality. We strive to cultivate a community of people that want to let their independence shine while telling your unique story. Our brand is driven by your independence. We want everyone, everywhere to freely express and share with the world.